Josh, Husband and Father (Josh's Age Remote)

Infinite AR - Episode 53115

When Josh decided to stop using the remote, he let go and then felt a sudden headache and accidentally dropped the remote onto the ground breaking it.

The bathroom door then opened and Natalie was on the other side of it and came in to look at Josh, who was now in his mid forties just like Natalie was.

"Ow, sorry if I haven't been myself tonight. I've just had a little headache." Josh said to his wife.

"Oh, poor baby, can I kiss it and make it better?" Natalie asked with a smile.

"It might help." Josh smirked as the two kissed each other on the lips.

"Come on, you've got to come and eat, you're probably starving by now. Natalie said to Josh.

Before they left Natalie saw the broken pieces of the remote on the floor of the bathroom.

"What the heck is that?" Natalie asked.

Josh looked down at the remote but looked at the device with unfamiliarity.

"I couldn't tell you." Josh answered.

As they were both leaving sudden flash passed through them, but they didn't remember it after a second. They went back to the dinner table to eat dinner after Natalie threw the old remote away in the trash. Later after dinner and cleaning up, Natalie noticed the remote she threw away in the trash disappeared but couldn't understand how or why.

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