A Teen

Infinite AR - Episode 530

Jim fell to the ground and could sense the beam of energy shoot through his veins. The world was getting fuzzy, and he soon blacked out. After an hour or so had passed, Jim opened his eyes to see everything the same, and the kids stood over him while he lay in hiw precarious position. Jim felt his body up and down, checking out his size and musculature. After a quick calculation of these traits, Jim had guessed his regression to have been 22t15, or 22 to 15 after being translated from Jim's programming. The 2nd grade boy still held the grey pistol, a modified NES lightgun from his childhood, right in Jim's face. "Stay out of our way, old one!", Jim heard the fourth grader yell, "Jacob, go find our mistress!" "Yes, my superior, I shall do thy bidding!" This was becoming weird. REALLY Weird, indeed. Was the mistress Jim's little sister? What are these goofy little kids planning? Jim HAD to find out! Frightened, but assured in his ability as a young teen to beat up little kids, Jim stood up...

  1. Ask leader boy, "Who is your mistress?"
  3. Try to bludgeon the gun slinging lad and get the pistol back on the side of good.
  4. Run, get away as fast as possible.

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11/26/2005 9:03:38 PM

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