Jim-Dog to a Dominatrix

Infinite AR - Episode 52481

Jim finds he is wearing some strange sort of attachments on his feet and hands, like dog paws. His butt feels full and violated, because he has a butt plug tail shoved up in him. Other thAn these things, he's pretty much naked. He tries to stand up, but his muscles feel all weird, and all he can do, is walk around on all fours. Just then, a lady comes walking out of the house, into the yard he is in. Her face is beautiful, and her body is intimidating but sexy, with toned, thick, legs, a round ass, and a nice, full, chest. She has dark brown hair, and wears a red, one piece swimsuit. She smiles at Jim, seductively, as she saunters towards him.

"Hi there, Sweety. Who's Mamma's good dog?"

Jim is both humiliated and enraged at her tone and words with him! This stupid bitch must be responsible for this whole thing! Still, Jim's not sure there's anything he can do about it, at the moment. Instead, he just whimpers like a puppy

She chuckles out loud. "Awwe, poor thing. I already know who you are: you're Jim the puppy! Well, I am Sandra, professional Dominatrix, but from now on, you will know me as Mamma or Mistress. Awwe, don't worry, Sweety, Sandra will take good care of you! That is, as long as you behave! Now, come lick Mistress's legs, and kiss my Ass, like a good Puppy."

Jim can't believe this beautiful bitch is asking this!

  1. Obey, Like a Good Puppy
  2. Bite Her, Instead
  3. Poop on the Lawn

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