Jim is shooed away

Infinite AR - Episode 52434

Jim decided he had enough being a blue jay. Especially since this was the new reality. He couldn't live the rest of his life as a bird but before he could use his bird wings and beak. He was nearly swatted by a broom to which he react by flying to the lamp in the corner of the now guest room.

Katie I told you to not leave the window open in the guest room. A blue jay manage to fly into the room said Jim's mom

I could've sworn I had sorry. Is it still in there asked Katie

Yeah I just need to scare it away before it hurts itself or even us.

Jim had to get to the computer but every time he tried he was swatted even more. Eventually Jim was shooed out of the window. As soon as he was. His mom closed the window before he could get back in.

Shit how am I suppose to get back in? Thought Jim.

His family don't remember him ever existing all thanks to that darn game. He is a blue jay. Jim then...

  1. looks for a open window or door
  2. waits for another oppertunity
  3. gives up and accepts his life as a bird

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