Your but just went boom!

Infinite AR - Episode 52428

Before Jim could make up his mind as to what to do, he shat himself with no idea he was doing it, until his mom put her hand down near his but, and at feeling the poop he started to poop again in alarm only to realize that pooping was not the only thing he was doing in his diaper! Thankfully he was is in was a diaper a lot thicker then was the normal diapers found for baby meaning he must be in one for night time use. He also realized that he had already wet and pooped it once before too so now it was vary full of his poop and pee sens he had now wet his diaper two or three times and pooped in it three or 4 time in less then 5minets tops. Jim knowing that he was in a super messy diaper sitting on his mom's lap started to wonder why his mom had not yet changed his diaper.

  1. Why has his mom not changed jim's diaper?
  2. Why has Jim messed his diaper so much in such a short time?
  3. Is this a bad dream?
  4. Jim suddenly goes back to being an adult?!
  5. Jim losses his mind and grose up again?!

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Jeffery Gerber (yes I did this)

8/27/2015 5:41:05 PM

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