Jim Gets his diapers

Infinite AR - Episode 5217

Suddenly, Katir began to get bigger. She looked around in amazement as she grew taller, her hips grew dier, and her breasts developed. She was now 16 years old. Jim, on the other hand was still a small baby on his mother's lap. "it's not fair" jim cried, "I don't wnna be a bab-gaglebughughheanagah" Jim, with horror, realized he had lost his ability to speak. "Awwww........" Katie said, I've always wanted a widdle baby! Let's get you in your diadees jim! Although.......... I would rather have a baby sister!

  1. Jim is diapered
  2. Jim is diapered and put into one of his sister's dresses
  3. Jim pees on his mom's lap
  4. jim starts crying
  5. Jim stays the same age forever

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10/17/2006 5:52:52 PM

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