Wait, then who has the remote?

Infinite AR - Episode 51623

Jim then turned on the TV "Hmm, no news yet." Jim says. Before his mom could react, She was shot from behind Surprising everyone ,36,35,34,33,32,31,30,29 especially Jim's mom "AAAHH!" 25,24,23,22,21,20, All at the same time as she regressed, she went through a title wave of emotions, all rapped up in confusion 18,17,16,15 as she quickly yet slowly regressed passed her husbands age all the way down to 12 years old.

She then made her hands into fists & closed her eyes "Come on come on! Change back. Change BACK!" as hard as she tried, she couldn't summon a speck of her magic "No, no, NO! Jim what did you do to me?" She asked Jim trying hard not to cry "Serves you right you WITCH!" Tom snapped at her causeing her to spill into tears, granted this made Tom somewhat feel bad for her he made sure not to let it show as he continued to scowl until...

"He didn't do anything" They all heard who actually fired "Thanks for saving me the trouble of zapping Tom, really helped my plan flow." The 2 regressed parents turned to see ---- with the actual remote.

  1. Sharon
  2. Kate
  3. Jim's other actual brother
  4. SE

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