A Sticky...end?

Infinite AR - Episode 51257


Jim's brother kept cumming and making unholy noises as the cum splurted out, failing to be absorbed by the diaper. This only made the situation worse as Jim diaper padding tightened around him, pressing Jim against his brother's excited cock. It was only a matter of time until BLRBLBLBRT, his brother released his bowels in his excitement. Jim saw a poopy avalanche flowing up from above as he squirmed, covered in cum...

After screaming for dear life, the poop completely coated him. Him nothing more than part of the poop in his horny brother's diaper. His brother spurted a few more times until splrrrt! Jim was nothing more than a chocolate-frosted diaper-treat.

  1. Jim wakes up in the diaper pail
  2. Jim is in a new diaper.
  3. Something worse

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2/18/2017 4:52:14 AM

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