Jims New Nanny?

Infinite AR - Episode 51241

Sherry tries to apologize to Jim, and get him to come back with her, but he is too upset with her, right now. He just buries his face in her big, full breasts.

"There," she says, "You see? Now, get away from us before I call security." Sherry turns away, defeatedly, and leaves. The woman reaches down and pats Jim's bottom for a few moments. Then, she pulls his face up to hers, kissing him on the cheek. "There there, Sweety," she coos. It's ok. We just need to get you some clothes to wear. I'm Rachael, by the way"

Here was Jim, a grown man, standing in the mall in nothing but a diaper, with a beautiful, older woman. She then takes him firmly by the hand, leading him through the mall in diapers. Several times, they pass people who point, or stare, or laugh, but at these times, Jim just buries his head in her shoulder or breast for awhile.

They come to a clothing store, where they are greeted by a beautiful, young, brunette in a skirt and pantyhose. Jim estimates that she's still in highschool. She struggles desperately not to be distracted by Jim, as the Rachael asks her when some sweet pants would be. They find them, and Jim goes to put them on, with a t shirt. For some reason, he leaves the diapers on, underneath. Rachael smiles when he comes out dressed in them.

"Excellent," she says, "Now let me go pay for them and you can at least have something to wear home."

When she returns, Jim thanks her, hugs her, and...

  1. Decides to Go Home and Call it a Day
  2. Begs Her Not to Go Away

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