Infinite AR - Episode 50789

"Spooky, make me a 2-year-old to the whole world."

Jess NO! cried Amber

I just hit me what I accidently done. I told Spooky to make me 2 to the whole including Amber and myself soon I wouldn't remember being 13 let alone 16. I tried to undo it was too late.

The same green flash happen and heard the watch laugh with joy this time. As soon I was 12 I forgot even being older. All I could think about was hanging with Amber who was a year older. First my body lost height and my chest went flat. I felt the tickle as my small patch of hairs below went back into my body. My body became lean and soft. I was nine again now passing into 8. I was embarrassed of being naked in front of my babysitter but it felt fine.

I was cute 5-year-old now. I was getting tired trick or treating with my best friend Sarah was tiring and my baby sitter Amber was trying to get me dressed before going to sleep. My stomach slowly grew out to a toddlers belly.

4-years-old old now. My arms and legs were so chubby now. My face had change a lot too taking on very innocent features and pudgy look.

3-years-old now and my arms and legs continued to get shorter and shorter.

2-years-old now and perfect picture version of myself. All that was left was a true 2 yr old. No one remembered the truth. Not Amber and not even myself. Amber got me dressed and Spooky began to glow and laugh and disappeared since a 2 yr old does not need a watch especially if it didn't remember spooky. So reality was rewritten to is if I never got spooky. I was now truly a 2 yr old.

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6/2/2015 11:21:07 AM

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