Jim is a kid

Infinite AR - Episode 5044

Jim looked at his new youthfull body and saw he had gone back to a kid and by the looks of his clothes and his room he had to be 9 years old.

It worked, it actually worked said Jim in excitement that his time bomb acutually worked.

It had actaully created an aternate universe where Jim was 9 years old.

Hey squirt, what worked asked Jim's now older sister Jessie who was standing in the doorway

Um nothing I was just talking to myself said Jim

Wel, mom says get ready for dinner.

Jessie then left the room and Jim re took out his time bomb and decided to..

  1. Turn himself back and change back reality
  2. Make himself younger in a new reality
  3. Make himself older in a new reality
  4. Use the time bomb on Jessie
  5. Went downstairs for dinner

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5/5/2006 11:41:59 AM

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