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Infinite AR - Episode 50228

Jim only gets one step out the door (which was just about to close) when his body decides he should go poop in his new pull-up. It comes out in a big fart that echoes down the hallways for the classrooms that have their doors open to hear. The nurse also hears the fart and looks at the back of Jim's pull-up only to see it starting to become a dark brown. "Jimmy what is wrong with you?! I just put you into that pull-up! Can you not even feel when you need to go anymore?! I gess I will just put you into a diaper and take you to the Kindgardners classroom since that is the only class aloud to have children in diaper in it!" And before Jim could say anything he is picked up and put onto the table/chair that is used by the students who are hurt or (in the cases like Jim's) need diapers put on to them. She expertly rips the sides of the pull- up open then takes some baby wipes and cleanse up his bottom before pulling the pull-up out from under him and putting a thick cloth diaper under his bottom. She puts rash cream on one of her gloved hands and works it into the skin of his bottom (she even puts one of her fingers up his bum to make sheer he does not rash there either). She then takes his temp the same way baby are checked for a fever. While the thermometer is in his but she puts baby powder on his croch and he gets a hard-on from the touching. She take one look then says "Wow you must really be a baby still since they are the only one that would get like this derring a diaper change." The thermometer beeps to say that it is done and she lifts up his legs again and pulls it out. She takes a look at it then say "Well it would seem that you have a temp that is to high so I am just going to have to give you medicine to help with that." And then she flips Jim over onto his stumick and say "Please get on to your hands and knees." Jim not wanting to anger the nurse anymore then he had already does as he is told. A moment after doing so he feels something touching his buthole and jumps. "Now stop that I need to give you your medicine. So just relax for me. There we go." And just as Jim relaxes his bottom he feels something start to be pushed into it (and by extension him) and it hurt a lot, but he stayed still hoping the pain would stop soon. ............ What was put up Jim 7yo bottom? And what will it do to him? Does he like Kindergarten class better then second grade? Does he find a new love in the form of diapers? ..... Stay tooned to find out next time on AR infinity story!

  1. So people pick which of the above question you would like to do to keep go with this branch okey?! Have fun!

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Jeffery (yah I know it is weird)

10/24/2015 12:06:19 PM

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