first grade again

Infinite AR - Episode 50218

"Please, don't do that!" Jim whimpered, and also Mary pleaded for her friend
But Mrs Baker was strict "No, Jim had his chances to get potty trained over the break, now he has to repeat the first grade, Mary. Please inform your teacher that Jimmy isn't in her class anymore."
"Yes, Mrs Baker" said Mary in a sad voice before she left the office.
"Now, you, pee pee pants boy" Mr baker said and focussed on Jim.
She bend down and pulls down his pants and undies. "This time you will get a pullup from here...but i will inform your mommy,that she will pack you some of your own, which we can store here then, understand?"
Jim nods shy and ashamed while the nurse let him step into the pullups and a clean pants. "I trust you that you came here to me for a change when you have another accident..otherwise i will have to tell your new teacher, Mrs London to check on you regulary"
With that, she sends himm out to go to his new classroom.

  1. Jim enters the class
  2. He runs away
  3. Jim has to poop
  4. He suddenly changes back into an adult
  5. se

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