not ready for 2nd grade

Infinite AR - Episode 50211

Mary lead Jim Jim to the nurse office and knocked the door
"Hello, good morning Mrs. Baker.."Mary greets the nurse friendly while holding Jims hand as if he was much younger than her, even they where both the same age.
Mrs Baker at once saw what happened and looked sternly towards Jim. " again, Jimmy" she sighs "I really hoped your learned to controll yourself better during the break...and allready happened at the first don'T give me another now the school policy about accidents, Jimmy?"
"" Jim gulped " says its okay for 1st graders to have accidents...once in awhile...but not for 2nd there is no other have to repeat first grade!
Jim was mortified and looked sadly to Mary..this can't happen! He just find a real good friend here in his class..and now they would get seperated?

  1. Mary convinced Mrs Baker to give him one more chance
  2. Mary asked if she could go to 1st grade aswell
  3. Jim in first grade
  4. 5 years later...
  5. se

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