Where else to me find me on other sites.

Infinite AR - Episode 50189

Sorry if this doesn't relate to Hardwind, I just thought I put a section of where you could find us writers on other sites. I'll start with myself.

Hey I wanted to see if anyone wanted to meet me on any other site related to fetish work like this, nothing serious, just want to see if anyone would like to do Role Plays or interactive on other sites. You can find me onDiaperedanime.com and Writing.com, I can also be found on Bearchive addventure and I still use the username Sky Watch except maybe without a space. I may write other types of stuff that may be more tame or worst then what I put on here.

Ok now feel free to tell everyone here where they may find you on other sites. Thanks for reading and I hope no one is bothered by this. Have a good day.

  1. Responses.
  2. Tell me where I can find you on other sites.
  3. Any other site you use?
  4. Simlar question above.
  5. You get the idea.
  6. Tell us where we can find ya on the web?

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Sky Watch (I already met someone else on another site, he may reveal himself if he wants.)

2/1/2016 1:21:59 AM

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