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Infinite AR - Episode 5005

Julie and Heather were cleaning themselves up. They didn't notice that the wipes they were using had been hit by the gun and everytime they used it they grew younger.Once kindergardners now pre-schooler they continued to wipe now 4 and finally 3. Since the wipes had been hit they reverted back before they had used them.Julie and Heather walked over and put on there training pants. "Me am big girl" said Juile "so is me" said Heather. As their mother walk in she asked if they had wet themself they both said no. She checked and they had lied she changed Juile first she pulled off the pull-up and used the wipes to clean her up once 3 now 2 and then 1 she put on a diaper and let her play. Next she changed Heather "your such a big girl now in training pants" She used it again Heather went from 3 to 2 and then 1.

  1. The wipe is hit and stops.
  2. The gun goes off again.
  3. The mom takes the gun.
  4. They wet themselves again.
  5. SE

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3/22/2009 1:58:31 PM

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