Little Julie spots the Youth Gun

Infinite AR - Episode 5002

As Julie was finishing up getting dressed, she spotted what looked like a toy gun laying on the ground by Josie.

"Heather, I think your baby sister was chewing on one of my toys"

"Mommy says she's teething, she has chewed on many of my toys", said Heather pulling up her pink barbie panties.

Julie walked over and picked up the gun. The drool from Josie got on her hands.

"Ewww she slobered all over it", sighed Julie as she went to the changing table in the nursery for some baby wipes to clean up the gun.

Heather finished getting dressed in her pull-over red dress and pink tee- shirt. While Julie was busy cleaning up what she thought was one of her toys, Heather went over to David to see why he was whimpering.

"Julie, I think Davey is wet", said Heather as she put one of her fingers in the front of his diaper.

Julie has finished cleaning up the drool and left the gun on the table. She grabbed some baby wipes and a fresh diaper.

"Let's change him, mommy will be proud of me", smiled Julie as she pulled the tabs on David's diaper.

"What's that", pointed Heather at little David penis, who had never seen a naked boy because she only has a baby sister.

"Mommy says that's a boys wee wee. Boys are funny."

The cold air caused David to let loose some more pee, almost hitting his big sister. David only smiled and suck his thumb.

"He's peeing" giggled Heather.

Just as Julie was finishing up diapering David, their mothers came into the room.

"Girls, what's going on?", asked Carla, Julie's mother.

"Davey wet his diaper, and I changed him", said Julie proudly.

"Uh huh, and Josie chewed on one of Julie's toys", said Heather pointing at the gun on the changing table.

"Heather, you need to watch your little sister more closely, she could have choked", warned Tracey, Heather's mother who picked up Josie and started to carry her.

"Okay mommy", sighed Heather.

"I'm proud of you Julie, changing your baby brother's diaper all by yourself, like a big girl", smiled Carla patting Julie on the head.

Julie smiled at her mother's comment. She like being called a big girl.

"Girls dinner will be ready soon. Go play in Julie's room until dinner okay", said Carla as she picked up David.

"Okay mommy, come on Heather let's go play with my dolls.", said Julie grabbing one of Heathers arms.

"Don't forget your toy on the changing table", said Tracey rocking Josie in her arms.

"Oh almost forgot", said Julie as she grabbed the gun and rushed off to her room.

Julies room was like your typical little girls room, lots of pink and pastels. There was a dollhouse in one corner and a drawing table in another.

"So what do we want to do until dinner", asked Heather looking around at the room.

Julie thought for the moment than answered...

  1. Let's play house
  2. Let's play cops and robbers, remembering the gun in her hands
  3. Let's play with my doll house
  4. Let's jump on my bed
  5. SE

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