A Day at the Office (Gone Worng)

Infinite AR - Episode 5

Jim quickly got ready for work, putting on a suit and eating his breakfast. He ran out to his car and drove over to the office building he worked at. After an annoying 30 minute drive, he reached the office building where he worked. However, something was wrong. He looked up at the large red letters that were suppose to say "Grandall". However, the letters now said...

  1. TF Inc.
  2. Baby R' Us
  3. Evergirl
  5. Super Costumes
  6. Babysitting
  7. Drug trials inc
  8. He didnt make it to work, Jim dies
  9. Pimp My Hide.
  10. Female Body for you
  11. Animal Store
  12. Animal Store
  13. Super pet store deluxe
  14. As a lifeguard
  15. Lladnarg
  16. Travel Fun
  17. Actor
  18. Babysit (new version)
  19. A strange factory.
  20. Dark Business
  21. Gateway Stores
  22. Johnny's house of fun
  23. tots normal clothing store

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11/13/2005 7:09:13 PM

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