An Unexpected Downsizing

Infinite AR - Episode 48814

After a few moments, Jim is spotted by the two young kids, who call out "Jimmy!" excitedly as they see him. They don't seem at all worried or anxious about their current ages as one might expect regression victims might be. In fact, they seem to be acting like genuine Kindergarteners. Jim is taken aback by that for a moment, trying to figure out just how the beam has affected them.

"Good morning, kids!" Jim uses his best sing-song little kid chat voice, trying not to spook the children. "Looks like you made a little bit of a mess, huh?"

"Uh-huh," says Martha, sounding proud of herself, "An' we made breakfast all by ourselves, too!"

Jim smirked at the childish enthusiasm of his former mother. The situation is pretty strange. Jim decides to try and answer some of the questions he had about how the device works through asking the children some questions. "Martha, do you know who that is?" Jim points to John, his former father.

Martha giggles and answers matter-of-factly, "He's our brother Johnny, silly." And as almost a footnote, she adds, "We're twins!"

Jim is amazed at how well the ray worked, creating a realistic scenario in the regressed adults' minds and becoming fact to the regressed children, and more than a little bit proud of himself. But the fact that the ray is still missing is still troubling Jim.

"Do you remember anyone pointing a toy gun at you this morning, Martha?" Jim asks, lowering his voice a bit just in case the conversation is being eavesdropped on. Martha didn't answer, instead looking down under the table to avoid looking Jim in the eyes. Johnny shuffled in his seat uncomfortably with the telltale look of a child's guilty conscience.

"Johnny? Do you remember?" Jim encourages the boy to tell him what is on his mind, but a flash of movement from Martha catches his eye before the boy can say anything. And then, a flash of light.

Martha giggles as Jim watches her firing the ray gun at him. Johnny just looks on wide-eyed as Jim starts to regress. Jim is dumbfounded and horrified into a shocked silence as chills roll up and down his spine. The room appears to start growing quickly as Jim shrinks into his clothes. Passing age ten and still getting younger by the minute, Jim tries too little too late to escape the kindergartener's line of fire, but trips over his underpants as they catch him at the knees. He tries to wriggle his way out of them, but finds his muscles and reflexes are already to the level of a small child, trapping him beneath his now piled-up clothes on the floor. He can't see what is going on at all anymore as his shirt covers his head, but he can hear his five-year-old mother giggling and saying how cute "baby Jimmy" is now. Jim continues to no avail to escape, but the feeling of regression begins to fade as the young Martha is apparently satisfied. He hears the girl hop down from her chair and suddenly is lifted naked out of his pile of former clothing. Little Martha and Johnny are huge now, from Jim's perspective. Martha towers what seems like feet above him. Martha skips back to her chair and lifts Jim onto her lap, fawning over her new baby brother. Johnny giggles at Jim's nakedness and says gleefully, "The toy made him a little tiny naked baby!"

Martha and Johnny giggle about that together for a moment, while Jim is left to take stock of his body and situation. He gazes at his reflection in the dining room mirror and is shocked by how small he looks -- his hair is wispy strands of bright blonde and he stands maybe a foot and a half tall at the most head-to-toe. Jim doesn't know quite how old he is, not having much experience with littler kids, but he figures he is less than two years old now. The five-year-old former parents are now in total control. Jim felt afraid of their size at his current age. Martha had lifted him up as if he weighed nothing to a five-year-old girl. For the moment, Jim had to resign himself to being controlled by little kids as he stood absolutely no chance of fighting his way out of the situation. Jim's mind didn't seem to take the same kind of hit that his parents' had. Instead of thinking like a two-year-old, things seemed for the most part normal in that regard. Only a few things seemed different. He didn't care that he was completely naked as his mind accepted some of his two-year-old reality, but he also knew that he was really a big boy still. He couldn't quite remember exactly how big, but he knew he was way bigger usually than Martha and Johnny were right now. Jim couldn't do much for the moment except wait for Martha to put him down so he might have a chance at snagging the ray gun (and his years) back. So he figured he may as well enjoy his second toddlerhood instead, playing the part of the "baby" of the group without much effort. In fact, he was really having a good time with it, so much so that he had to keep reminding himself that he wasn't really a baby, only to forget again for a while. Jim was still pretty sure his mind wasn't regressing, though. At least, things still felt "right" to him even though he was in a tiny toddler's body.

  1. Johnny and Martha play babysitter with Jimmy
  2. Martha goes to the toilet and Jimmy steals back the ray gun
  3. Johnny and Jimmy team up against their "sister", regressing Martha to a two-month-old infant
  4. Jimmy quickly becomes more comfortable as a toddler than as a kid or adult and starts to forget his previous life
  5. Kati returns home, taking charge of the ray gun and the children, making herself a teenager

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