Puberty Comes A Knockin'

Infinite AR - Episode 48801

Jim now focused his device on Henry and Lucy who were panicking over what to do about their now infant mother. Their worries however seemed to fade away as they were affected by the device.

Henry and Lucy began to stretch taller now as the world seemed to get a lot smaller for them. Year by year passed by them in only a couple of seconds. As they grew up, their minds also changed from being siblings to being friends.

'Wow, Lucy is getting to be really pretty. I wonder if she would like it if I asked her out some time? Henry thought to himself while he was in his teenage years.

'Henry has gotten to be really gorgeous since the last time I saw him before the summer, I wonder if he has a girlfriend yet? Lucy thought to himself as her feelings towards Henry became more and more romantic.

At this time, their ages changed from being high school students to being college sweet hearts.

'It's been a real long time now since we started dating. I think it's time for the next step, I'm going to ask her father for her hand in marriage.' Henry thought confidently to himself.

'He's going to ask me any day now to marry me, I just know it! I can't wait, I can't wait!' Lucy thought excitedly to herself.

By now Henry and Lucy had rings appear on their fingers which Jim correctly assumed to be wedding rings. Henry and Lucy looked down to see their former mother, now daughter on the ground.

"Doris? What are you doing down there, baby?" Lucy cooed picking up her baby daughter.

"Uh, hon, I think the better question is what are we doing out here dressed like this?" Henry asked Lucy as they looked down to see themselves in their child clothes.

"I don't know, let's just go inside before someone notices us." Lucy said as they dashed back inside with baby Doris.

Now that he had successfully tested his device on those three, Jim now decided to use his device on...

  1. His Sister
  2. His Mother
  3. His Father
  4. His Girlfriend
  5. His Girlfriend's Mother

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