Josh, and Diapered Jess

Infinite AR - Episode 47678

Josh can't believe his eyes, this hot girl, slightly over them him, is standing before him in nothing but a giant baby style diaper!

"Will you pway wid me?" says Jess in a precious baby voice.

The blushing Josh stands there, silently, assessing the situation and the girl in front of him. Josh realizes several things:

1: that Jess has amazing, plump, pert, breasts, with nice, pink, nipples

2: That there is something strangely hot about this, as indicated by the erection in his pants.

3: He needs to come up with an answer to her question.

He finally pulls his eyes from her bare breasts, looks her in the eye, and says:

  1. "First, You need to Be Taught a Lesson!"
  2. "OK, but I want to Try On Diapers, Too!"
  3. "Um, Sorry...I Gotta Run!"

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