Run Away!!

Infinite AR - Episode 4722

Jim decided that it was not a good idea to be near Sandra anymore and jumped off the toilet seat, although doing this caused everything to slip off his 7 year old frame except his tent like shirt. Due to his small size he was able scoot past Sandra and run down the aisle as fast as his smaller legs could carry him. He had to get back to Sharon, Jim thought, she would be able to help him. He hid in one of the rows and waited for Sandra to go by. Moments later he heard Sandra coming down the aisle looking for him "Jim come out come out wherever you are. We haven't finished yet, come back to Mommy so she can fix you right up" Sandra said in a playful tone. "No chance of that" Jim murmured to himself. He waited a few more minutes until he was sure she was gone and got up to continue to make his way to Sharon when suddenly he....

  1. Got caught by Sandra
  2. Was found by another Stewardess
  3. Was found by someone else
  4. SE

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4/28/2006 12:39:54 AM

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