A Merry Unbirthday

Infinite AR - Episode 4721

Jim now thought about it again, being a kid wasn't so bad. There wasn't any work to worry about, or any big expectations placed on you. Not to mention that you had someone to love and take care you no matter what you did.

"How's my little man?" asked Sandra as Jim left kindergarten and began regrowing the baby fat of toddlerhood. Jim giggled with his response. His shirt fell on the floor when he became two, and Sandra picked him up to prevent him from falling into the toliet. Immediately Jim went for her breasts.

"My little man knows what he wants" said Sandra, and she opened her vest and blouse and bra and gave Jim what he wanted. He began suckling and quickly warm milk began flowing into his tummy. By now he was about one year old. When he was done he was only six months old and kept shrinking. By now Sandra has removed her skirt and panties and was getting Jim ready for the next step. When she had done this an umbilical chord was beginning to grow from his belly button and Sandra laid down as best she could and guided it into her vagina. It did not take long for the chord to move past the cervix and connect to the wall of her uterus. At this point Jim stopped breathing, because the umbilical chord was giving him everything he needed. Slowly the chord began to pull him into Sandra. Her stomach began to inflate with fluids, preparing her womb for Jim's size. As his feet entered Sandra, she thought quick enough to duct tape her mouth shut to prevent her from screaming as she felt the pains of labor, in reverse, sucking Jim into her. When Jim was completely inside her Sandra removed the tape and breathed heavily for a moment, regaining her breath. She then rubbed her stomach as she felt Jim move around in her womb.

"You know it's not safe to fly during the third trimester" said Sandra, as she felt her stomach begin to shrink, as Jim became more and more undeveloped. The shrinking stopped completely when Sandra was two months pregnant with her slender figure returned to her. She got up, cleaned herself off, got dressed, through out Jim's old clothes in the trash can, reapplied her makeup and went out to stewardess again.

  1. Sandra has the sudden urge to have sex (Jim keeps shrinking)
  2. Sharon begins to worry
  3. Sandra decides to let Jim have a sibling
  4. Sharon begins to feel herself shrinking
  5. Sandra raises Jim as her own

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