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Infinite AR - Episode 4719

As Jim continued to relieve himself, for some odd reason he started to get aroused. Jim was at a loss as how to explain for his sudden arousal although images of Stewardess Sandra began to fill his mind. He quickly flushed these pictures out of his mind and thought to himself "No I can't have thoughts about her I'm devoted to Sharon" but even as he was thinking this more images of Sandra pushed their way into his mind. While Jim was trying to keep these pictures out of his head someone had come into the bathroom and was now standing in front of Jim, that someone was Sandra. Jim, who now noticed that he wasn't alone and that it was Sandra tried to cover up his growing erection with his hands. Sandra simply smiled and in a condescending tone said "Oh Jim, why would want Sharon when you could have someone like me? I can do things for you that Sharon never could" "Yeah? Like what? Sharon has been great to me and I have been very happy being with her" Sandra shook her head and said "But Jim I could bring you true happiness. I could fulfill your every desire, pamper you and give you unending love and attention. Your happiness would be my first priority no matter what else there was. Besides wouldn't you like to cuddle up next to these?" Sandra started pushing up her breasts through her jacket and brought them close to Jim, "You'd like that wouldn't you?" Jim couldn't deny that it would be like Heaven on Earth but as soon as he thought that he began to feel weird. It felt like his insides were pulling in on themselves, like they were compressing into smaller sizes. While this feeling was making him sick, his arousal did not cease and neither did the thoughts of the Stewardess which if anything, seemed to have increased in number. When he looked in the mirror he was in for another surprise, in the reflection he saw not a man of 24 but a teenager of about 15 years old. Jims revelation was interrupted when Sandra spoke again "Or perhaps Jim you would like to wrap your legs around my waist and sit on my thigh" while seductively rubbing her waist and thighs through her skirt. When Jim saw this his erection tented his pants even more but then started to dwindle. The rest of his body as well felt like it was dwindling, his clothes were very baggy and uncomfortable. Jim noticed that his shoes and socks had fallen off and his legs were dangling off the seat of the toilet. When Jim next looked over at the mirror he saw a little boy about the age of 7 or 8. About this time images of Sandra in Jim's mind changed as well, they went from sexual thoughts of Sandra into thoughts of Mommy Sandra and little boy Jim. The images consisted of the two of them playing games and watching movies and also Sandra taking care of Jim like a mommy would. Jim looked up at Sandra who now towered over little Jim and to him shw looked very powerful but she also looked like the ultimate guardian, one who could take care of him and give him all the love and attention he would ever want, she was starting to look like a very good mommy in Jim's eyes. He the realized that he would have to make a choice, should he....

  1. Allow the regression to continue and stay where he is?
  2. Run and hide?
  3. SE

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