What to do with Dad

Infinite AR - Episode 47057

Jim's father entered the room, and gasped at what was before him. He was a tall attractive man, with a small amount of silver in his hair from his age, a square jaw, and a fit build from jogging everyday. He saw his wife's clothes laying on the ground, but instead of his adult wife there was now an adorable baby girl. He looked to Jim with his device, then back to his wife and a look of recognition came over his face. He looked like he was about to do something, so Jim...

  1. Jim decides to regress his dad too!
  2. His dad grabs the device from Jim
  3. Jim and his dad begin to wrestle over the device.
  4. Jim accidentally regresses himself.
  5. SE...

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5/26/2015 4:12:54 AM

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