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Infinite AR - Episode 4661

david's mom pulled him in close and pulls back his diaper's waist band and peers into it. she let's it close and starts flaring her nostrils, "josie? i thought you said david went poopy?" she said in an angry tone. josie looked confused, "what i swear he's poopy i checked him i saw it!" she said leaning down to check david's diaper again. she looked at it disappointed as she felt her underpants pulled back. david looked back to see his mother pulling the waistband of his sister's diaper, "you're the poopy one missy!" she said still angry. josie was as confused as david was, their mother got out some changing supplies, as she did so she leaned down to get some diapers.

both david and josie looked at their mother and saw a waist band that looked like one from a diaper, they both leaned in and pulled it back. both the kids looked surprised their mother rose to the changing talbe and looked at her children, "you're the poopy one mommy!" they both said. the mother looked at them confused, "oh please josie i just checked you..." she said showing david the diaper. she looked again and noticed that josie's diaper was now clean as new. she looked down to see that she was now wearing a diaper, she felt the back, it was messy, "what's going on?"

  1. more people check them
  2. it goes around
  3. mother gets changed
  4. all poop and need chaning
  5. something else

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