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Infinite AR - Episode 457

Little Henry continued to grow smaller in Sally's arms. Younger and younger he went until suddenly there was a flash and Henry disappeared. Too Jim's surprise, at the same time Sally's stomach ballooned out to being nine months pregnant. Her pants burst opened and fell down as they could not take the sudden expansion of her belly. Sally's shirt fell to each side of the exposed stomach.

"Oh my!", said Sally blushing as she tried to bend down and pick up her pants.

Jim saw Sally's struggle and used the device again. He watched as her belly shrank back in months of pregnancy until she was 4 months along with Henry. Sally's stomach did not stick out as much and she was able to pick up her pants and close them over her stomach.

"I guess I need some new cloths, maybe some maturnity dresses. I can't wait for my doctor's visit where I find out the sex of my baby", smiled Sally's as she rubbed her stomach.

  1. Jim decides to have more fun with Sally
  2. Sally's walks over to Jim
  3. Jim spots a mother and daugher sitting at a table and smiles wickedly
  4. A young toddler girl askes Jim to help her find her mommy
  5. SE
  6. Jim sees a mother and her 16 year old daughter

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