Motherly Love

Infinite AR - Episode 455

"Well well, who's this stud?"

Jim froze. Before he or any of the children could a word in, he felt the shapely form of a young woman press itself intimately into his back so he could feel every curve and every heart-beat. His young mother, who apparently didn't recognize her own son, was being very forward in admitting her sexual attraction to him. Jim had sworn she'd been inside making out with his equally regressed father. How had she gotten out here so quickly when they'd been doing... things... last time he'd seen them?

"Whaddaya say, big boy, you wanna go for a ride?" his mother waggled her hips seductively against his back, making him blush and silently pray that his erection wasn't obvious.

  1. Jim asks his mother to leave him alone.
  2. Jim defuses the situation by saying "Not in front of the children."
  3. Jim gives in to his mother's sexual needs, if only because he wants her to leave him alone.
  4. Jim makes a run for it.
  5. Something else.

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