An Offer From the Manager

Infinite AR - Episode 45244

They push the walker over to the main exit, where they sit a bucket in front of you, with a sign asking for tips. So, you are forced to sit there, dressed like a baby, as every person walks by you out the exit. Many tips are givin, including many verbal ones, like "be sure to check his diaper often!"

Once everyone has left, they wheel you to yet another tent, where you are finally released. The lady in the leotard brings you a sweat suit to put on.

"Here you are, hon. It was really fun working with you, Baby," she says with a wink.

You are really taken aback by the situation and her comment, and blushing bright red, you stutter back. "Um... You too."

She giggles at you. "The name's Cynthia. Don't worry about your other clothes, you'll be reimbursed. Anyway, once you get changed, my boss wants to talk to you, he's got your pay, and an offer for you.

Still stunned, you take off the diaper and change into the sweat suit. A few moments later, the man comes in. He is an older man, probably in his early 60s, wearing a suit.

"Hi there, the name's Chuck, I run this carnival. I am also the one who called you on the phone. Did you like working with Cyndy and Bobo?"

You don't feel like talking about the stupid clown, so you try to focus on Cynthia, instead. "Um... Yeah, she's uh, great." You stutter.

"Yeah, Cynthia is a doll she and Bobo have been working for me for years now. Which brings me to my point. See after seeing the three of you together, I was wondering if you wanted to stay on as a regular act. Look, before you say anything, let me show you just how much you made tonight.

He hands you 5- 1 hundred dollar bills. Wow, you say.

And that's not even counting the tip money you made. Also, if you choose not to, I will add in some extra for your pants. If you do come on though, I'll have Cynthia take you shopping for some clothes. Maybe you can even help her pick out some underwear, know what I mean? Anyway, think it over, and let me know.

You finally decide to:

  1. Accept His Offer-Become a Regular Side Show Baby
  2. Decline, and Go Back Home

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