Diapered Before an Audience!

Infinite AR - Episode 45094

You feel the chair begin to transform again, until it has converted into a table with your arms still bound. You soon realize-it's a changing table! You resume struggling to get up, but soon, the clown jumps up on the table and walks over to you. He pulls out a pacifier and glares down at you, minicingly

"Listen here, Baby Brother! Mommy is about to change you! And Baby's must be quite for their diaper change! Now, you either hold still and suckle your pacifier like a good boy, or big brother will have to sit on your face, instead!"

He turns around, pulling down his pants to expose his hairy, little, butt. You try not to laugh, but you definatly don't want a guy's butt on your face, so you let him shove the giant pacifier in your mouth and begin suckling it like a baby, blushing bright red as the show lady walks up.

"Don't worry, Sweety," she says in a sweet, motherly tone, "Mamma's gonna get you all nice and clean!"

You watch as she goes over to a drawer and bends over, giving you a fantastic view of her glittery ass in that leotard. She pulls out a nurses hat and two surgeons masks, much to the amusement of the audience. She puts one on and hands the other to the clown. She then walks up to you, and proceeds to grab your pants! As you lie there suckling your pacifier, she undoes them, and in one swift motion, pulls them off, leaving you naked from the waist down! Then, she begins wiping you down with a baby wipe. You find it particularly embarrassing when she lifts your legs to wipe your messy bottom. Still, You start to get turned on, despite yourself. Next comes the oil, and by the time she is finished piling up your bottom and crotch, you have begun to develop an erection. She notices this, and says "this must be taken care of" you get excited at this prospect, but to your horror, the clown jumps up on the table while she walks over to your head. She leans down, pressing her beautiful breasts against your head. "Don't worry, Sweety," she says, as the clown puts on a pair of rubber gloves, "big brother will make you feel better. Just close your eyes and think of me." The clown grabs your shaft with both hands, and to your horror, you soon begin shooting off to the delight of the audience!

Once this is over, they powder you and diaper you, and dress you in baby clothes. They close off the show to cheers and applause, and your changing table converts yet again, this time into a baby walker.

  1. A Strange Offer After the Show

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