Changing/Helping People at the Mall

Infinite AR - Episode 44409

"We can check on Wendy later Jim, after what we just did I feel like we can help out more people just like Myra." Katie said with confidence.

"Well I guess whatever makes you happy." Jim said as kissed Katie on the cheek making her blush.

Jim and Katie then browsed the mall for a few minutes before coming upon a few choices.

There was an old couple who were looking at a much younger couple with slight envy.

There was a mother who was trying to keep track of her three children and they noticed she didn't have a wedding ring on.

They also saw a teenage girl being berated by her mother for wearing such ridiculous clothes.

Jim and Katie talked for a minute before using the device on

  1. The Old couple
  2. The Mother of the three children
  3. The children and their mother
  4. The Mom and the teenage girl
  5. Someone Else

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