Finding that special person

Infinite AR - Episode 44406

"I feel bad for Myra, maybe we should help her find someone." Jim said.

"Sounds good, do you mean using your device to make it easier?" Katie asked raising her eyebrow.

"Of course I do." Jim said.

Katie then stopped Jim for a minute.

"Wait a minute Jim I just thought of something, what if someone realizes what we're doing with your device?" Katie asked concerned.

"Don't worry hon, I'll set it so the device will also make reality adjust to whatever changes are made." Jim said as he adjusted the device just so.

"Great, now let's go see what Myra's up to." Katie said as she turned to head out of the bookstore in the mall.

It didn't take them long before they saw Myra talking to what looked to be a 7 year-old boy who looked lost.

"Oh, that's so nice of her to help out that lost little boy." Katie said.

"That kid? I've seen him plenty of times around the mall. He pretends to be a lost child just so he can try stealing money away from people." Jim said.

"Well then maybe he should be taught a 'lesson'." Katie said winking at Jim.

Jim then pointed the device at the little boy as he slowly walked behind Myra. He progressed the boy up in age, but not so far as he would be too old for Myra either, so Jim finally stopped progressing the boy when he reached 39 years old.

Myra turned around and now saw the man standing before her instead of the little boy, however the memory of the little boy she met at the mall now seemed like forever ago.

"Uh....hello." The man said sounding a little shy.

"Hello yourself." Myra greeted in a slightly flirty way.

"My name's Tom." The man, Tom, said holding out his hand.

"Myra, a pleasure. You want to go grab something to eat at the food court?" Myra asked shaking his hand.

"Sounds good." Tom said as he began to walk with Myra to the food court.

Myra turned around to see Katie and Jim and she gave the two a smile and nodded towards Tom having a good feeling about this.

"Well that was a very good thing we did." Jim said.

"Yeah, maybe we should help out more people around the mall like this." Katie suggested.

"You sure you don't want to go check on Wendy first?" Jim asked his Wife.

  1. They go and check on Wendy
  2. They help out other people at the mall
  3. They decide to head back on home

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