Distances between realities

Infinite AR - Episode 44382

As Myra walked ahead of Jim and Katie the two of them continued to talk quietly with each other.

"Okay, so we still remember all that we're supposed to right?" Katie asked Jim.

"Yeah Wendy and Pete are our parents and we have to change them back to being their normal age and we have to change ourselves back to normal." Jim said.

"Aren't we forgetting something?" Katie asked scratching her head.

"Nah, we couldn't be." Jim said as Myra motioned for the two of them to be quiet.

"I found them." Myra said quietly pointing to Wendy and Dani both looking at some fashion magazines.

"Look see, they're both fine." Myra reassured Katie and Jim.

"I see those two also have a few admirers." Jim said motioning some rows down from the girls were Pete and George who were obviously looking at Wendy and Dani smitten.

"Now isn't that cute? Those two young men are smitten with them." Myra smiled.

"It is kind of cute." Katie said.

"Are you nuts? Wendy is...still too young to be dating and someone like Pete is way too far out of her league." Jim said.

"I actually heard earlier from Wendy's mouth that she might actually like George." Katie said to Myra making the two of them giggle.

Wendy and Dani then proceeded elsewhere, from the looks the way they were talking with each other, they assumed the girls were heading for the food court.

"Looks like those kids are gonna be alright. Now what do you say you two head on home and have a 'nice' evening?" Myra suggested to Katie and Jim winking at them.

"I don't know Myra, we should probably keep an eye on Wendy for a little longer." Katie said.

"Fine, whatever you want. But I don't want to be part of this if you two are caught." Myra said as she headed off to somewhere else in the mall.

"Okay now lets get back to work keeping an eye on Wendy then we can use my device at the right time to....to...wait, what were we going to use it on?" Jim asked Katie.

"I'm not quite sure. Maybe we should leave Wendy alone for now and use your device to help out someone else with it, like Myra or some young kid or an old person." Katie suggested.

"Okay let me think." Jim said before answering Katie.

  1. Keep an eye on Wendy and friends
  2. Use device on Myra again
  3. Use device to help Myra find boyfriend
  4. Use device on someone else at mall

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