Meet Miss Myra

Infinite AR - Episode 44381

Jim progressed little Myra from an 8 year-old little girl into a 40 year-old middle aged woman. Luckily for her, her clothes changed to to not only accompany her age but also her size as she had gained a certain amount of weight and her body looked sort of pear shaped.

"Where are you two off at this time of day?" Myra asked the two of them.

"Just to go check on Wendy and make sure she's alright while she's at the mall." Jim explained.

"Hmmm, sounds more like someone's afraid of their little girl growing up too fast." Myra said.

"It's not that. It's just we don't want her hanging out with the wrong kind of people that's all." Katie explained.

"Sure, tell you what, I'll go along with you two and prove to you that that girl can handle herself just fine." Myra said.

"Oh, you don't have to Myra, that's perfectly..." Katie said trying to not let Myra come because she was afraid she'd have to explain everything including the age device if they had to resort to it at the mall.

"I'm coming and that's that." Myra said as she opened up the back door and got in.

Katie looked at Jim who just shrugged seeing no other way around this. So Katie got into the driver's side while Jim sat in the passenger seat and they drove off to the mall.

It was quiet for a while until Jim became a little curious about Myra.

"So Myra, how's your job currently?" Jim asked.

"Oh it's going just fine thanks for asking. I just sketched a few design ideas and they should be approved by the end of the week." Myra said.

"Oh right. You've got a job as a fashion designer, I got a little confused with Jim as to what it was that you do." Katie said.

"Yeah, the job is great and all but I really wish that I had met someone years ago but I just never got around to dating, too caught up in my work." Myra said.

"Don't worry, you'll meet someone just like how I met Jim." Katie said.

"Yeah, so how did you two meet anyway?" Myra asked.

Katie suddenly became a little worried and tried to think of something.

"We met at a camp one year and began talking, then one day we decided to sneak out to swim in the lake alone together and that's where we had our first kiss. After that we kept in touch with each other and began dating not long after that before we finally got married." Katie said making the story up as she went along.

"That's a cute story. I guess someday my prince will come for me." Myra said.

"Yep, he sure will Myra." Jim said as he patted Katie's hand as she drove along.

As they pulled into park, memories of the story Katie had made up suddenly began to feel real.

"Hey are you two okay?" Myra asked looking at them as they all got out of the car.

"Just a slight headache, nothing to worry about." Jim said as Myra began walking to the mall entrance.

"Katie, did you just have memory flashes of," Jim asked.

"That story I was telling? Yes. But I don't know why, though I sort of still remember all that stuff with the device." Katie said.

"Okay, well at least we still remember how things are supposed to be." Jim said.

"Yeah, it's just too bad Myra hasn't found anyone in all these years." Katie said to Jim.

"I know, you know she kind of reminds me of this little neighbor girl I used to know." Jim said.

Slowly Jim and Katie's memories of their old life was fading but would they still remember how reality was supposed to be before they totally forgot?

  1. Jim and Katie both still remember their old life
  2. Jim and Katie both forget their old life

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