Wendy's "New" bedroom

Infinite AR - Episode 44362

Katie rushed over to what she believed to be her bedroom to stop Wendy and Dani from going inside it. However, Katie was actually shocked when she reached what she believed to be her bedroom only to find entirely different stuff inside of it wit Wendy and Dani looking at her all confused.

"Mom? Mom, are you feeling okay?" Wendy asked.

"J-j-j-just fine dear." Katie said slightly stuttering.

"You sound like you caught a case of what that weird George kid has." Dani said.

"Dani, seriously, he has a speech problem leave him alone. Besides he's not all that bad." Wendy said.

"Why do you say that? You got a crush on him or something?" Dani joked.

"N-no of course not, he's a sophomore and I'm a junior." Wendy said slightly blushing. Wendy then headed to close the bedroom door.

"A little privacy please mom." Wendy said as she shut the door.

Katie was still speechless at what she just saw.

"Yeah, I know how you feel." Jim said as he led her downstairs.

While downstairs Jim told Katie about their dad's wallet and how after touching it, it had become Jim's wallet.

"So somehow, the things that use to belong to us or our parents is being changed around to being ours or theirs?" Katie asked.

"It seems so." Jim said to her.

"Jim, this is crazy. I mean it's one thing if objects change but how do we know these things won't affect people?" Katie asked.

"So far from what I've seen it only applies to inanimate objects." Jim theorized.

"Okay, but still we've got to make sure to change everyone back including ourselves before tomorrow comes, I'd rather not live another day as a middle age woman." Katie said.

Just then Wendy and Dani came downstairs and were dressed in clothes that were very attractive.

"Just where do you think you're going dressed like that?" Katie asked the two.

"Oh come on mom, every girl our age wears clothes like this these days, unlike what you wore two centuries ago. Anyway, bye, be back before it gets too late, I promise." Wendy said as she and Dani went out the front door.

"Can you believe how she talked back to me like that? And that outfit? Where does she get clothes like that? From that skimpy clothing store at the mall?" Katie asked herself.

"Katie, Katie, you're kind of behaving like mom would." Jim reminded Katie.

"I'm well aware Jim, but just because we still remember how things are we can still act like responsible parents to Wendy." Katie said.

"You mean mom, right?"

"I don't care what we call her at this point, we've got to follow her to see what she does at the mall." Katie said.

"It's okay, it's not like she'll meet any boys there," Jim said before thinking for a second. "oh no, we cannot let her do that. She is still way too young to date." Jim said.

"Okay, put on some shoes and a jacket, we've got to follow her." Jim said. At that moment, he felt responsible for what happened to his mom yet at the same time felt like a father to his young mom.

Just at they were heading to the car, a little black girl about 8 years old came up the two of them.

"Um excuse me? Can you tell me where miss Wendy is, she's supposed to watch me again this week 'cause my parents are out of town, again." The little black girl asked.

Jim and Katie recognized this little girl, her name was Myra, her parents were away from her more times than she could count and their mom would usually watch her. Jim knew that they didn't have enough time to worry about a little girl right now, so Jim used his age device to make little Myra

  1. 18 years old
  2. 21 years old
  3. 30 years old
  4. 40 years old

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