Reality being rewritten

Infinite AR - Episode 44326

"Why'd you let a friend of Pete's over? I don't mind him having someone over but I don't want him being distracted from the yard work I hired him for." Jim said to Katie.

"You hired him? Jim, he's OUR father, don't you remember, we regressed him to a teenager who just hit puberty only like an hour or two ago, remember?" Katie asked.

Jim shook his head for a moment and tried to think.

"Right, right, he's our grandfather, Pete is our father, Wendy is our daughter and that's her friend Dani or Danielle out there with her, right?" Jim asked Katie.

"What? No, Jim that's our mother and grandmother out there. We made them teenagers." Katie corrected Jim.

"You're crazy, like you don't remember giving birth to your own daughter." Jim said.

"No Jim that is our grandparents and parents out there as young or old teenagers. I'll prove it to you." Katie said grabbing a picture of their parents wedding photo and holding it up in front of Jim.

"Now, who do you see in this wedding photo?" Katie asked him.

"You're really asking me this?" Jim asked her.

Katie just glared back at him.

"Okay, yeah, I know that look. Fine, I'll tell you. I see myself wearing a nice black suit and bow-tie and I see you as my beautiful blushing bride." Jim answered.

"Wrong, it's our parents stupid." Katie said.

"If it is, then it would look a lot older than this." Jim said.

"What do you m..." Katie was about to ask but when she turned around to look at it, she then saw herself and Jim dressed up for a wedding.

"No, that's not..." Katie said as images of her wedding day came flooding into her mind.

"That's not right, that's not right...." Katie said aloud to herself as the picture shook in her hand. She tried to remember all the times she and Jim spent growing up, but those memories also collided with her and him dating before he finally proposed.

"No, this can't be real, this can't be real!" Katie said as she dropped the picture and ran to her parents bedroom and closed the door behind her.

Jim rushed after her.

"Honey, are you okay? Do you want to talk about it?" Jim asked from the other side of the door.

Katie looked at the device again in her hand without replying to Jim. She had to change things back to normal, right? Her whole life was now wrong, but that picture showed truth, she did marry Jim years ago and looking in her parents bedroom she saw more pictures including one of her and their mother or daughter Wendy as a baby being held by Katie at the hospital.

"I have to change them all back don't I? I can't let us keep living a life that's been a lie, right" Katie asked herself silently.

  1. Katie leaves things as they are
  2. Katie begins changing things back
  3. Meanwhile outside with Pete and George
  4. Meanwhile outside with Wendy and Dani

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