No need to panic

Infinite AR - Episode 44325

"Please tell me that's not a younger grandpa Pete out there." Jim insisted to Katie.

"Okay, I won't tell you that." Katie answered.


"Because you already said it." Katie added.

Jim put both of his hands over his eyes with irritation. "What happened to being too irresponsible with the device?" Jim asked Katie.

"I didn't know he would be coming over, so I had to do something, otherwise he might've began asking questions I didn't want to answer."

"You could've just left him alone without changing him and maybe his mind would've adjusted to the current reality." Jim said.

Katie realized what a gigantic mistake she had just done and slapped herself on the head. "Stupid, stupid, stupid." Katie said to herself.

"Okay, just don't panic. All we need to do is wait until the four of them are alone and change them all back one at a time." Jim said trying to calm Katie down.

"Yeah, you're right. It's not like they're really going anywhere." Katie said.

At that moment, Pete knocked on the back door for Jim and Katie. Jim and Katie then proceeded to the back door to see what Pete wanted.

"Something wrong Pete?" Jim asked.

"No sir, I've just finished for the day." Pete said motioning his hand towards the entire back yard which looked brand new.

"Okay, uh, I'll be right back with your pay." Jim said as he went to his parent's bedroom to find his father's wallet. Jim then took out 10 dollars in cash.

Something also caught Jim's eye as he looked at what he thought was his dad's driver's license but looking at it, he saw that it had changed to Jim himself at his current age.

Jim ignored it thinking it to be nothing and went back to where Pete and George were waiting.

"Thank you sir. I'll be sure to come back next week." Pete said.

"N-n-n-n-n-nice meeting y-y-y-y-you both." Their young grandfather, George said in a stutter before leaving with Pete.

Jim then closed the back door so he and Katie could go back to talking alone.

"Are you nuts? We need to go after them." Katie insisted to Jim.

"That would look really weird. But don't worry, we still have Wendy....I mean mom and Dani....darn it, grandma here. Why did I want to use their first names?" Jim asked himself.

Just then Wendy and Danielle or Dani came in through the back and went to what Katie thought was her bedroom.

"WENDY!" Katie hollered. It felt odd to call out her mother's first name to her, but sort of felt appropriate at the same time.

"Yeah mom?" Wendy asked peering down the stairs.

"Where are you and Dani off to in such a rush?" Katie asked.

"Just over to the mall. Nothing special." Wendy replied.

Wendy then headed up the stairs.

"Come on Jim, we've got to stop them from going into my room." Katie said as she rushed upstairs worried about what they might ask.

Katie ran upstairs with Jim following behind her to find Wendy and Dani in

  1. Katie's bedroom
  2. Wendy's bedroom

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