From father in-law to Best Friend

Infinite AR - Episode 44322

Right as they were headed out the back door, the doorbell suddenly rang.

"Damn it, who could that be?" Katie said to herself.

"Whoever it is just try and get them to go away before they create any trouble." Jim said to Katie as he went out back.

Katie glanced outside to see what exactly Jim would do when he went out there. He looked at Wendy and Dani as they were in the pool, then he looked over at Pete who was raking some leaves but more so looking at the girls. Jim then cleared his throat for Pete to hear and he then quickly made sure he went back to work without looking at the girls.

"Good grief, dad was sort of a little perv when he was this old." Katie said as she went to the front door.

'Okay Katie, you can do this, just turn away whoever it is, you're the woman of the house now so you can do it.' Katie thought to herself.

Looking out the peephole of the door, she saw that it was actually her grandfather, George, who was standing on the opposite side of the door.

"No, no, no." Katie quietly said to herself.

He then knocked on the door, "Hello?" he could be heard asking from the other side.

"What do I do? Why'd it have to be him? I can't explain all of this to him, he'll think I'm some crazy woman who came into the house." Katie then put her hands into her pocket and felt Jim's device. She took it out and looked at it, considering doing what she should do with it.

"Hello? anybody home?" Katie's grandfather again asked.

Katie then gulped concluding what she thought was the right decision.

Katie then opened the door, just as her grandfather was turning around.

"Hey, who-" Was all Katie's grandfather said before she regressed him in age to a 13 or 14 year-old boy so he could at least talk with Pete.

"....who I am ma'am, I'm a f-f-f-friend of P-P-P-P-Pete, he told me he would be over at this address t-t-t-t-today." Katie's young grandfather asked her.

"Oh, of course. You'll have to forgive me, I didn't know he was going to tell any of his friends he was over here. That's why I didn't answer the door sooner." Katie explained making this up as she went along.

It's alr-r-r-r-r-right. Is he out b-b-b-b-b-back?" Her grandfather again asked with a stutter.

"He is. If you don't mind me asking you, do you have a problem with stuttering?" Katie asked.

"I k-k-k-kind of do, but I'm getting help to try and s-s-s-s-s-stop." Her young grandfather, George, said.

"Okay, well just follow me out to the back, that's where Pete is." Katie said as George followed her.

Katie went out into the backyard and pointed to where Pete was and went over to talk with him.

"Don't stop working just because a friend came over." Jim said to Pete pointing a finger at him.

Jim then pushed Katie inside the house and closed the back door so no one would be able to hear them.

Jim looked at Katie and said...

  1. "Is that grandpa out there?"
  2. "Why did you let a friend of Pete's over?"
  3. "Who is that and what's he doing here?"

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