The landlord.

Infinite AR - Episode 440

Seeing Mr. Smith standing in the hall made Onyx feel angry. Onyx and Mr. Smith had never liked each other much. The argument between the two of them started whne Mr. Smith refused to rent the apartment to Onyx just because she was single and had no roommate at the time. of corse, everything changed a few weeks later when she came back with Ruby and Topax. Onyx put on a fake smile, the kind that you get when you are not happy to see some one but smile anyway. She said, "Hello, Mr. Smith, what can I do for you today?"

Mr. Smith said, "Mrs. Onyx, I have stated many times before that there is a no children clause in the contract that you and your roommates signed. But I keep getting calls from your neighbors complaining about a baby crying at all hours of the night. Care to explain this?"

Onyx replied, "Mr. Smith, I told you before, my friends and I take care of babies from time to time. Most of the time we go to the house of the people that we are baby sitting for, but on some occassions, we baby-sit for the whole weekend. It is during those weekends that we have a baby in this appartment. You can not tell us that we are not allowed to baby-sit for our friends. The are laws that prevent you from doing that. This is a fre contry, we can do whatever we want. And seeing as how Topaz's job is offically listed as child care povider, saying that we can't take care of babies in this apartment would be equalivant of telling Topaz that she can't work her job. If she doesn't work she can't make money. And seeing as she contributes to the bills, food, and rent, if she can't work we won't be able to pay rent on time every month. Seeing as how the kids are not ours, they do not stay here on a permanent bases. So you really can't do anything about it. Now is there anything else you wanted?"

Mr. Smith said, "No. I just wanted to make sure you were aware of the rules. Have a nice day."

Mr. Smith turned and started walking down the hall. Onyx closed the door. She turned to the others and said, "Well, now that that is taking care of, where were we? That's right I was about to tell you where I found Amethyst. I was at the book store. She was trying to find some book for a book report. Some guy that was in the store was trying to flirt with her. She did not like that idea too much. She rejected him. He got mad and started trying harder. He said something that she did not like and she slapped him. That made him really mad. He grabbed her, and actually tried to spank her in the middle of the store. He did actually manage to get her over his knee, and the back of her pants pulled down enoughto expose her butt. He rasied his hand to strike. Then orange light surrounded her. The next thing any one knew the guy was flying across the room. Amethyst pulled her pants up and tried to run for it. I stopped her before she even got to the door. She agreed to press charges on him. The cops came and took the guy to jail. I took off early so that I could talk to her. I found out a few things from her and brought her here."

Onyx walked down the hall of the apartment to what was becoming Amethyst's room. Amethyst said,"Do you mind if I take a shower?"

Onyx said, "Go ahead. Towels are under the sink. We would make you older so that we can put you on the lease, but you haven't finished high school yet. I guess we should come up with a cover story to why you are staying with us."

Topaz said, "Let's just say that she is Ruby's cousian. Her parents just died. And with Ruby being her only living relative, the state sent her here because she is a minor."

Ruby said, "It works for me." She looked at he watch. She said, "Well I gues that I should check the baby before I go to work." Ruby walked into the nursery.

When Amethyst closed the door of the bathroom, Jade said, "Did any one else pick up the fear Amethyst was putting out when Topaz mentioned her parents?"

Onyx replied, "I may have forgoten to tell you. She is an orphane, she never knew her parents. She has been in some pretty bad foster homes. She had almost given up hope on ever finding some one that cares for her. You have no idea how happy she was when we told her that she can stay here."

Ruby came out of the nursery.She said, "Jamie is finally alseep. I got to go. I'll see every body when I get back." Ruby left the apartment and went to work.

An hour and a half, after Ruby went to work, Jade went in to check on the baby. When Jade opened the door she knew that the baby needed to be change. Topaz, who was walking past the nursery, saw the look on Jade's face. She said, "What's wrong?"

Jade said, "The baby needs to be changed. Could you do it?"

Topaz though for a moment.

  1. Jade changes the baby.
  2. Topaz changes the baby.
  3. Onyx changes the baby.
  4. Amethyst changes the baby.

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