Myra at 38

Infinite AR - Episode 43953

Myra was stunned to see a slightly younger looking woman in the mirror looking back at her, she didn't see much of a difference but when she looked at her driver's license she noticed that she had lost two years along with some lines along her eyes and her breasts actually held up well. She didn't too much different but she was satisfied with what she got.

"Oh, you still got it honey." Myra said to herself as she winked at her reflection before leaving the park restroom.

Myra then realized something. She had a vast amount of power in the palm of her hands right now. She could use it to benefit others whose lives weren't all that perfect.

As she went through the park, she saw numerous people who she wanted to help.

There was a mother who was trying to talk with her rebellious son.

There was a father walking his daughter, Myra noticed he didn't wear a ring and might've been a single father.

She also took notice a little white boy and an Asian girl who were pretending to be married.

After thinking about it, Myra decided to use her new-found device on

  1. Mother and rebellious son
  2. Single father and daughter
  3. Little white boy and Asian girl
  4. Look around at other people in the park

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