Universe Hopper

Infinite AR - Episode 43409

Jim looked proudly at his invention. He'd finally managed to create, and thoroughly test, a system that would transport him into alternate universes. After some testing, he also managed to create a way for it to only transport Jim if the destination was safe and habitable for extended periods of time. It was finally time for Jim's maiden voyage, the last test he had, to try it out on a human. Normally, he wouldn't use himself as the test subject, but considering he couldn't guarantee another person would return his device, it was up to him.

Jim began loading up a camping backpack. There was a tent small enough to provide one person weather cover, a sleeping bag, plenty of food and water, a food tester, a water purifier, a universal solar charger, and several indestructible (as Jim had designed them) digital tablets of information. There was also a separate, smaller bag with a few pieces of clothing for all weather conditions. Gathering up his gear, Jim held the device in his hand, and activated it.

On the little sphere's screen, information started rapidly populating the list; Day length, night length, temperature fluctuation, radiation levels, water presence, and safety. Safety was a value determined by the presence of dangerous creatures, microbes, plant life and gases. Seeing that everything was well within desirable levels, Jim pressed the button and passed out immediately. When he woke up, he was in...

  1. A forest
  2. A ruined city
  3. A field
  4. Somewhere else
  5. A "normal" house
  6. A "normal" house

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10/14/2014 11:23:28 AM

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