Go Towards The Light...

Infinite AR - Episode 43404

The next thing you remember about your conciousness, is being surrounded by warmth and darkness, then, all of a sudden, some unseen force, is pulling on your head, forcing your whole body to be pushed towards some kind of light. Once you are out in it, you cach a brief glimpse of a beautiful lady in nurses scrubs, reaching for you. She is huge, and her chest is even bigger! Unfortunately, the light is so bright, that it quickly forces you to close your eyes. She lifts you up, and then you feel a sharp slap on your bare bottom. The pain is excruciating! You quickly begin crying and yelling, as you are moved again, finally coming to rest against a soft, warm, pillow.

Something is pressed against your lips, and you soon find yourself suckling on an enormous, mothers nipple, drinking down warm sweet, milk.

"I think I will call him Jim," says a sweet, woman's voice, as you continue nursing contentedly. After several more minutes of drinking, you fall asleep.

  1. Later, At "Home"

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10/14/2014 1:11:04 AM

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