"Hey, Little Chick!"

Infinite AR - Episode 43

Being a heterosexual male, Jim decided to go find a girl for that lonely Saturday night he otherwise would have spent alone. Where did he look first? The foodcourt, of course! But while walking to the foodcourt, a lovely redhead caught the corner of his eye. She was petite, about 5'1", but had the figure of a knockout. She was hot, but managed to stay in proportion, with curves reasonably tailored to her stature. Her pert little rear was pushing out from the back of her tight mini shorts as she leaned over a glass balcony, throwing pennies into a wishing fountain. Jim found his prey, and he sprung like a tiger. He got behind her and...

  1. ...said, slapping her playfully on the behind, "I like the view Chick-a-dee!"
  2. ...shyly introduced himself, blushing like a teenage boy
  3. ..."What did you wish for?"
  4. ...Give Up, She's WAY out of your league! Go look for someone plainer.
  5. ...forget the girl,and find something else to do at the mall.

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Dancing Bear

11/14/2005 7:02:29 PM

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