Jim Tries Adult Diapers

Infinite AR - Episode 42560

"Ok," Jim finally says, reluctantly taking the garment from her.

Her eyes immediately light up now that he has agreed.

"Well," she says, "sense this is your first diaper, do you want some help?"

Jim instantly turns bright red at just how casual she is being about all this. "No," he grumbles, "And also, if I do this....You have to let me see you in just your underwear."

She goes dead silent, and Jim thinks he's won. 'I knew she wouldn't do it, but at least now I won't have to put on a stupid diaper'... But then, he sees her grin at him, slyly. "You got it, Honey! I'll see you back in here in a few minutes.

'Great' , he thinks, as he goes to get changed. But then, he can't deny how excited he's getting. With a little effort, he manages to get the diaper on. To his surprise, there actually IS something to the way the soft material hugs his bottom and loins. Now, came the hard part: going out there to see her like this. "She's worth it She's worth it' he keeps saying as he walks out to see her.

He walks out to see her lying on the couch in nothing but a deep blue bra and pantie set. He instantly get hard in his diaper as she stands to greet him."Wow," he says, "you are so beautiful!

"Wow" she says, looking him up, and down. "you are not the first guy I've talked into diapers! but you're definitely the hottest! Turn around, let me see that ass!"

trying not to blush, Jim turns, and gives her a little shake. At this point, she can't help slapping his diapered butt. He quickly turns back around, holding her in his arms, and playing with her butt.

They make out for over an hour, but to Jim's dismay, that's as far as they get. They kiss goodnight, and Claire gives Jim her phone number. Does he call her the next day?

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