Goodbye (The Strange Dream)

Infinite AR - Episode 42559

Jim decides that this is too much for him

"Look" he says, " I'm just not into this. I guess this just wasn't such a good idea, after all. Why don't you leave."

The girl puts the diaper back in her purse, and got up, disappointed and upset. "Ok, Sweetie, but you know where to find me again at the mall if you change your mind..."

She leaves, and that night, Jim has a crazy dream: He is in a daycare,surrounded by lots of other kids. Only, he's grownup, and they are all children. He sees one of the daycare workers from behind. He walks up behind her and notices her sexy ass. He decides to take a chance and slap her butt. She turns around, and it's Claire!

"You naughty boy!" She says' grabbing his arm, "Now, you come here to me!" She then shoves his face in between her breasts. He tries to get free from her breasts, but he's stuck there, and feeling horny. She starts rubbing the crotch of his pants until he explodes. She finally let's him go, and he has a big wet spot on the front of his jeans. All he children are pointing and laughing.

Claire looks at Jim sternly with her hands on her hips. "Uh oh, Looks like someone had an accident. Guess we'll have to put you in diapers!"

At this point, Jim wakes up, thinking of Claire. "What a strnge dream, and what an ass that I let get away.

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