10 year old problems.

Infinite AR - Episode 4252

Marcie stands there and notices her bladder is full and she can't hold it in anymore so she lets it out and her 10 year old pants and the carpet are all wet. "Now look what you made me do quick change me back Jim." Jim looks at the gun and says "Um looks like the batteries need to recharge it could take a while." "How long?!!" "About 2 or 3 hours." "What, my parents are going to be home soon you need to chonge me back now!!" "Alright I'll try but it might have a side effect."

  1. Marcie's parents enter the house.
  2. It makes her younger
  3. She changes back to normal.
  4. She is back to normal, but she is naked.
  5. She is a mouse.

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5/27/2006 5:21:37 PM

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