Jim's first soiled clothes.

Infinite AR - Episode 425

When Jim opened his eyes he found that he was about the size of a 5 year old and to his great surprise he was wearing a wet diaper. "See we can turn you into anything you want." said the owner. "Turn me back" was the only thing Jim said to them. Everything went black and Jim awoke back in his normal body; Jeans, shirt, socks, shoes, and his underpants....but it was then he noticed that there was a horrible smell and something wet and mushy in his pants. "Oh my I forgot to tell you this might happen to you." the owner stated in a panic. "I can fix it but untill then you should stay in that 5 year old state" he said. Then Jim awoke in the 5 year old body but without a diaper, the "thing" was still there, and it smelled worse as it dripped down his leg. It was then that another person who worked at the store came in with a...

  1. new pair of underwear
  2. diaper
  3. training pants
  4. paddle

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11/17/2005 12:46:13 AM

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