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Infinite AR: A friend in need [Episode 42272]

A friend in need

Infinite AR - Episode 42272

Pete told them about everything "Sigh, you guys probably don't believe me right?" Then one of the football player get's something out, "As crazy as it sounds it would explain that freaky fortune cookie I ate last night." He shows it to everyone




"that's just plain scary."

They then throw it away "Anyway, I think I have an idea how to help you get to Josie, by helping us." Peter sighs again "So what do "I" have to do?"

"Ha, you really are Pete!"

"Well back to what I was saying." They then all huddle together "We sneak you into the girls locker room..."

"Can't I just get to her some other time?"

"Come on Pete, I'd do the same for you :)"

"Besides man, if what you said is true you don't got time."

"& I just have this camera right here"

Eventually, while the rest of the football team does Heimlich maneuvers on some would be witnesses, Peter get's into the girls locker room. "I swear these heists just get weirder & weirder." When he get's to the locker room

  1. No one is there
  2. Everyone is there
  3. Everyone but Josie is there
  4. Josie is there alone

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