David is suddenly diapered

Infinite AR - Episode 4225

David smiles at his little and lends into the crib to check her diaper but finds it clean. Thats weird it sure smells like she has a poopy diaper?! says David. Unknow to David his shirt had rided up a bit on his back in which Josie could see that David is wearing a diaper, she thinks for a second and deicdes to check the back oh his diaper. Your the messy one David! Josie said as David quickly turns around blushing. No sooner then that was said Julie, David's mother comes in the room. Oh smells liek someone needs a diapy change Julie saids ina motherly tone, she goes over and check David's sister but finds her clean then she turns to David and...

  1. Smiles and says " looks like my big baby needs a change "
  2. Smiles and whispers to David " you need help sweetie? "
  3. Asks " did you have another accident? "
  4. Checks David and gets mad

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4/27/2006 6:29:01 AM

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