Alison, the Maternal Babysitting Facesit

Infinite AR - Episode 42209

Jim soon decides on the Maternal Babystting facesit. Alison, an extremely tall woman, walks right up to him, smiling warmly at him.

As she gets closer, Jim realizes just how tall she is, probably 7 or eight feet tall, compared to his 5 and a half feet, Jim doesn't even reach to her breasts. She reaches down and grabs Jim off the floor, to his shock!

"Awwe, come her, Sweety!"She says, Pressing his face into her big, firm, bossoms. "Mamma's gonna take such good care of baby!"

She then sets Jim on her hip and carries him with her to the Sauna. It is extremely warm in there, and smells of baby oil and milk. She sets Jim back down right in front of her.

"Alright, Honey," she says, sternly, "Let's get you out of these clothes."

Jim doesn't even have a chance to ask if he can undress himself, before she has removed all of his clothing, leaving him standing there in his birthday suit, blushing bright red, and growing rock hard!

"Awwe, Mamma's baby is such a Big Boy!" This just makes Jim blush even harder. "Ok, Sweety, go lie down over there on your back." She says, indicating a narrow, padded, slab. When Jim hesitates, he receives a swift, painful slap on his bare bottom! "Now you hurry along now, Sweety! Don't keep mommy waiting! "

blushing, Jim quickly complies, living on his back. The lady then backs over the slab, with one leg on each side, until her bottom is directly above him, and he can smell the thick coating of baby powder all over her ass.

Next, she grabs the back of her short, frilly, dress, flipping it up and out. "Here comes Mommy!" She sings, lowering her bare bottom right over Jim's face.

All Jim can see his blackness, all he can smell is butt crack and baby powder....and he LOVES IT! His throbbing member points straight up, as his "Mommy" wiggles her powdered rump around on his nose, occasionally, she lifts off of him, just long enough to allow for some air.

"Awwwe," he barely hears her cooe, "Wittle boy Likes being babysat by Mamma! Well, don't worry, Mommy's gonna take care of you, yes she is!"

The next thing Jim knows, he is being jerked off by her large, caring hands. In only a few minutes, he is spirting out... urine?? Oh no! Some how he has tinkled without meaning to! "Naughty boy!"She cooes, chuckling, and wiggling her bottom on his face, "Looks like Baby made a tinkle! I think Mamma needs to get some protection on you!"

As Jim lies there under her rump, he feels powder being applied to his lions and bottom. Then, some sort of soft, thick, material is slipped under his butt and wrapped up tightly around him! then he realizes: Somehow, she has managed to diaper him, even while sitting on his face the entire time!

"There!' She cooes, "All nice and snug in our diapers! Now then, it's time for Mommy to reward you for being such a good boy! " Jim now feels her loving, maternal hands, rubbing his diapered crotch, until he is fully erect again. Soon, he is moaning and yelling into her big, lovely, butt crack, as he explodes into his diaper, this time, in an orgasm messing his diaper with his own man juice.

Several moments later, she lets Jim up, pulling him back into a warm embrace. "Such a good boy!" She says, rubbing his diapered crotch, making a nice creamy in your diapers, for Mommy! " Jim is now blushing almost to the point of tears; wearing a diaper is bad enough, but it's even worse when you've just cummed into it, too! Next.....

  1. She Takes Him to the Nursery!
  2. She takes Him Home
  3. Jim Decides to Try Another Aspect of the Gym
  4. Jim Decides to Go Back Home

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